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RCO 2006

A dining room on the plan review is 12’ x 14’ x 8’. The only glazing present in the room is a 5’ x 4’ fixed-glass picture window. The builder is going to use the mechanical ventilation system to ventilate the room, since 100% of the glazed area is not operable. The whole-house mechanical ventilation system is capable of supplying outdoor ventilation air of 12 cubic feet per minute per occupant, computed on the basis of two occupants for the first bedroom and one occupant for the other two bedrooms. Given this information, the mechanical system should vent ___ cfm of air into the room in order to meet the requirements of the 2006 Residential Code of Ohio.

Choose one of the answers below.

(A.)   7.84
(B.)   14.95
(C.)   Not regulated; the whole-house systems provides the required outdoor ventilation.
(D.)   The room will not pass inspection; the window shall have a minimum operable area of 6.72 square feet.
(E.)   We have not passed a Codified Ordnance which permits us to use the RCO in our City.
(F.)   Up to the Fire Official

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