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From the conception of this organization, social events have always been an integral part. Our first President Jack Murphy, with the board’s approval introduced fishing on the Majestic out of Lorain. Afterwards we enjoyed the camaraderie of our fellow inspectors their families and friends with a cookout. Sometime later, Guy Fursdon introduced our first golf outing, which now is a yearly event.

But there are those that say, there is no place in this organization for social events, but the reality is we work and study codes all day and if we don’t stop to relax and smell the roses, our time on this earth will come to an end before we know it.

We believe intermixing code studies with social events, like with golf, is a good idea. The nation of ours has found this to be an important part in corporate and public business. We must remember what our goal is: educating individuals on State and International codes, in addition to communicating with those individuals in a forum that will allow them to converse their thoughts. One of the places we believe to do this is thru social events.

We hope you enjoy what we are trying to put together, and we hope you will support your organization.


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