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Welcome to N.C.O.B.O.A.

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Comprised of smart, highly adaptable men and women, the board of directors and officers are knowledgeable in the areas of code regulations and code development. North Central Ohio Building Official Association is a dynamic force of 11 individuals, who each offer a distinctive background in code related items. Our size and expertise allow us to move faster. Working to overcome disadvantage and turn conflict into victory, we accomplish great things, and we do so together. Our members are professionals who are directly & indirectly engaged in construction and the building code regulatory process.

In November at the general membership meeting, a vote takes place to elect the directors to a two or a three-year term. Membership is open to all current members that are active building code officials.

We offer a variety of committees to all current members of the association that will promote the efficiency and seek improvement in administrative organization techniques and methods as related to the regulation of zoning, housing and building construction


5801 POSTAL RD # 81435
Cleveland, Ohio 44181-2117

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